Adorable Boyfriend seems to have something against poufy-skirted dresses, but then he has most likely never worn an honest-to-gosh party dress.  I am madly in love with the rustly sound of the fabric when the skirt moves and I do believe there is no feeling more fun and feminine than that of loose gathers of chiffon tickling one's knees. 

I really cannot wait to get out and kick some tires (so to speak) in this dress.  This is a dress for breezes and bare legs.  And magnificent Portland summers.  The urge to dance and declare how much "I like to be in America" admittedly overtakes me in this dress.  (And that speaks volumes.)

My February dress also makes me want to hula hoop - which means that this will be the dress I choose for Kirsten's upcoming wedding/urban carnival.  This pretty baby, alas, goes in the closet until September.  But, when I finally bring her out, you can bet there will be a party!

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