Yes, the May Dress bears a striking resemblance to the January Dress, but that's because January was solid.  You know it was.  Pockets are where it's at - as simple as that. 
To spice things up, I added some pleats around the neckline, front and back.  There are also pleats on the skirt.  I think this may be the last dress I do with pleats at the skirt.  I feel that it is time to go back to darts.

I was thinking about the possibility of little cap sleeves, but am now leaning back toward sleeveless.  I do like little sleeves, but this fabric walks that dangerously fine line between "Vintage" and "Old Lady Chic".  Sleeves tilt toward old lady. (I have no problem with old ladies in general terms . . . but I just had a birthday and the whole subject is a little sensitive.)  I'll work out the length later. 

Dressmaking issues aside, I am a little concerned about the shoe factor.  I have an aversion to pastel shoes.  What to do, what to do. 

Yes.  The anxiety kills me too.


05/10/2011 08:36

I vote contrasting shoes. Aqua? Or yellow?

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