When I went looking for the My Blue Dress, which is very close to becoming Kirsten's Blue Dress, I was forced to dig through a bin and a half chocked full of the Ghosts of DotMC Past.  Being confronted with so many unfinished projects should have been a  daunting experience, but I must have been in an ambitious mood because I interpreted the confrontation as a challenge.  With an upcoming clothing exchange among friends on the calendar, I thought it would be best to finish some projects and potentially hand them off to those in need.  I also love the prospect of housecleaning.

Those of you who have been around since the olden days may recognize some of the pictured fabrics.  More embarrassing than the fact that I may just be a hoarder is the fact that most of these dresses were extremely close to being finished products.  I just opted to pack them away instead.  

From left to right:

    Laura Dress 2007 - Just needed some handwork to sew the collar lining down.
    Made for a craft show 2007 - Minimal handwork at collar.
    April 2007 Birthday Dress #1 - Sewed in skirt lining.
    April 2007 Birthday Dress #2 - Added skirt lining and a zipper.
    Combo of 2009 Brianna and Jenny Dresses - Tacked lining in at back seam.
    Jillian Jacket 2007 - Ironed. (sigh.)
    Sample that led to 2009 Jenny Dress - Tacked in lining.

So, high fives all around.  I finished a bunch of dresses.  Yay!  What?  The March dress? 

Uhhhh . . .

OK.  The truth is that I am having problems with the fit and rather than concentrating on a solution, I am ignoring the problems and working on other things.  So, go ahead, add this personality deficiency to the list.  1) Hoarder of stuff; 2) Nonfinisher of projects; and 3) Ignorer of issues.  And sure, go ahead add on 4) User of passive voice.  

March is half over.  I think I safely have one more week of living in denial.

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