As my thank-you dresses project continued, I decided to give some attention to a pattern I have had in my collection forever, but have not used.  (McCall's M5701 if you are interested.)  It's a real peach of a 1960s style shift.  Darts add some shape in the front and help form pockets.  Pleats in the back throw a little action as you walk away.

My special dress for Rachael was intended to be worn with tights and boots.  Dress/tights/boots = my favorite winter outfit.  I used an olive linen, so technically the dress can cross over to warmer weather.  I added brown accents at the collar and pockets.  Of course it's fully lined.  Do you even need to ask?
I liked the style of this dress so much, that when a special request came in from a friend's husband, I decided to use it again.  This time I went with a woven black and white houndstooth pattern.  I used black wool at the collar and pockets.  I also added some piping to augment the pleats in back.  

Love!  I wanted to keep it.  Oh well.  Them's the breaks in the dressmaking biz.  Catie - I hope you dig.


01/17/2013 18:50

I totally dig. Wore it today to the office with tights, knee high socks and boots. Adorable!

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