Well, that's twelve of twelve for the year 2011.  December's dress is a really beautiful dark, dark blue wool.  I admittedly splurged.  

The deep squared neckline is something new for me, as are the long princess seams and 3/4 length sleeves.  I like the outcome -  not too dressy, but not casual either.

I added a cutesy leather bow belt because I like to accentuate waists.  The back is very high.  For the lining I used a bright plaid that used to be a dress.  The red shoes are a non-sequiteur.

Happy New Year everyone!  That's a wrap!


01/02/2012 15:56

Hubba hubba. And it really pops on that perfect gray background.

01/23/2012 21:24

Wowza- I love that neckline on you. And I'm super impressed you made 12 of 12 last year! Well done, they all look so pretty.

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