The first question people asked when the subject of dressmaking comes up is, "Did you make the dress you're wearing?"

To which I nearly always sheepishly respond, "Uh. No.  I don't have time to make dresses for myself." 

The second question thrown at me is generally, "Where'd you learn to sew?"

At which point I am forced to admit, "Oh, you know.  Here and there.  And in my basement."

Now, the third question is almost always "How long does it take you to make a dress?"

Well, kids, with regard to this little gem I will unabashedly answer "About three years and some change."

Enjoy, Kirsten.  I'll work on a list of things you can hide in those "secret" pockets.  Number one is obviously a kitten. 
03/23/2011 08:40

You always have the hottest models!

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