April in Pieces



The thing that will make this dress really work is a perfectly fitting pencil skirt.  So, I thought, why not start from the bottom and work up.

One of the unwritten rules I made when starting this project was that I would try to use fabric and notions that I already have on hand.  As previously mentioned, the floral fabric was from a long ago DotMC dress.  The purple fabric I am using for the skirt was similarly left over from our Sara Dress (November 2009).  In about a week when I can actually wear all this material and call it a dress I will most likely complain that the dress is shorter than I would like.  Now you know:  The reason is that I am trying to use up what I have and sometimes there is not quite enough. 

Along those lines, you may have noticed a bit of burgundy peeking out from the bottom of the skirt.  While I do enjoy a good contrasting lining (contrary to what my mother taught me), in this particular case I am just pulling from my stash. 

Now the blouse is lined in a lovely dark green.  See?  You can't even tell. 

I have gone a bit retro with a ruffle at the neckline.  I am still toying with it so that it looks less like an Elizabethan ruff and more like something Claudette Colbert would wear.  I'm afraid the line is finer than you'd think.

I have also been giving a lot of thought to sleeves.  Initially I toyed with cute little puffy things, but there is a good chance I may leave them as they are now - dolman-esque.

I like to think I am moving in the right direction.  This is the third week of April after all! 

Still to do:  1)  Figure out a smooth, clean method of attaching top to bottom along with the linings.  2)  Stick in a zipper (which is going to be tricky for reasons I'll may share later).  3)  Complete the usual hand work.  4)  Get to the bottom of this ruffle business.  5)  Hem and hem.
The Complete Glenn Miller and his Orchestra, if you must know. 1938-1940.

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