Hu-rray!  The April Dress is done.  I have to admit, for a while there, I wasn't completely convinced that this was a good looking dress, but I have changed my mind.  I like it.  Which is good.  You know, to make a dress for myself that I like.

It was the ruffle.  I was on the fence and it really got me thinking about my tastes and how they may be changing.  Could be that ruffles and bows are on their way out.  Could be.  Could be that sleek and simple silhouettes are on their way in.  I may put up a little fight, but I think adulthood is really upon me.  (And yet my hemlines seem to be getting shorter.  Being a grown-up is confusing!)

Well, I'll worry about my dresses and their existential impact later.  Now, I want to think about bright colors.  And sun.  And sundresses.  And sandals. 

Needles broken/replaced:  1
Spools of Thread used:  0


05/01/2011 08:44

I likey! The ruffle is great, and overall is is a grown up dress. Will we get to see any detail shots?

05/01/2011 21:01

Done and done!

05/01/2011 21:18

LOVE this one! I'm all for the sleek look by the by. Lovin the shorter/tighter hemlines!

05/20/2011 07:59

You are looking fabulous Liz!!! Awesome dress. Felicia and I love your work.

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