I know that I am behind.  The truth is that I have two (2!) dresses that I should have posted by now.  I just haven't felt very camera ready.  I blame the stupid drizzly weather and dark evenings.  They make me grumpy and tired.

Thanks to my trusty dress form, I did manage to post something this month.  It was an apron theme.  Which is kinda like a dress.  Better than nothing!  Here's the "I Love the 80s" Apron
I haven’t been able to make a whole lot of time for sewing lately, but aprons are just so easy - which made this challenge was hard to pass up. In addition, I have been wanting to try a tiered, ruffled apron for quite some time. I went through my stash to find a trio of fabrics that would go together and wouldn’t you know it . . . I had three that fit into an 80s theme. (The fabrics were left over from the Great Hot Pad Holder Christmas Present Project of 2011.) Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and mix tapes: Together at last.

I used red cotton for the apron backing, waistband, and tie. To simplify things, I used red bias tape to edge the side seams. I am a firm believer that aprons should have pockets – just not this one. I wasn’t sure about placement. Inadequacies aside, I think it’s pretty cute. And I cleared out some scraps.

The Facts
Fabric: Cotton scraps in my collection
Pattern: None. It’s just a bunch of rectangles!
Year: Right now.
Notions: Binding tape – also from stash.
Time to complete: 1 1/2 hours
First worn: Just to fit the tie.
Wear again? I think this might be a gift for someone.
Total price: $0

You can find this post at The Sew Weekly - with typos!  I was rushed, ok?  And having internet problems.  Pauvre de moi.



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