Almost RED-dy!


Oh, it's on . . . aaaand perhaps I should have wished for a 24" zipper.  Pas de problème, because I am going to start jogging again on Tuesday.

But BEFORE Tuesday, here is the list of things that need to happen:

    1)  Put in my label.
    2)  Tack in the lining along the zipper. 
    3)  Hem the lining.
    4)  Hem the dress (by hand of course).
    5)  Press.
    6)  Pull out the basting stiches holding the pleats in place.
    7)  Put it on. 
    8)  Dance around.

If only life were always as easy as a red, silk dress. 


Needles broken:  0
Spools of Thread used:  1

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