No, no, no . . . you do not need to remind me that it is already the 17th.  I am well aware of the time crunch for getting the June Dress.  Things are, in fact, a little sketch around here because at this later date, all I have is a sketch.  Oddly, this is a dress I have been thinking about for months.

You may remember, that I was provided with a particular bit of inspiration for designing a dress which will be worn for a friends wedding:  a peacock feather.

So, what comes to mind when I think of peacocks?  Truthfully, one summer in college when I worked at the a certain winery's main campus in that lovely oasis known as Modesto, California.  While most of my palsy-walsies were taking the summer to travel and study abroad, I answered phones and took memos.  No complaints though.  That's real world experience right there.

The tie-in is, of course, the free-range peacocks that walk all over the campus.  (Pssst.  They poop all over it too.)

That particular memory doesn't provide much inspiration when it comes to making a Bridesmaids dress.  Fortunately I had already thought of a dress I wanted to make, and the peacock challenge is the perfect color inspiration.

So, now when I think peacock, I think bright blue double georgette and colorful chiffon accents.  I think V-neck and the illusion of a wrapped bodice.  I think full, twirly skirt and drapey fabrics. 

Oooh . . . I am excited about this one!



06/18/2011 23:43

I like where this is going. What are you thinking for shoes?

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