Mark my words!  Adorable Boyfriend is dangerously close to having his adjective revoked.  After allowing him input on the April Dress I asked him what he thought about the final product.  The response was less than enthusiastic.  The reasons?  1)  It’s too much like the Carissa Dress and 2) the floral fabric looks like it’s from the 90s. 

We-hell, in response to that I say 1) thank you, that was the idea, and 2) you’re wrong and even if you weren’t if you were up on your fashion blogs you’d note 1990s trends to the max (stirrup leggings, colored tapered jeans, flannel shirts, baby doll dresses, Keds . . . I could go on forever but I should take a break before I throw up) being sported by the internet youth of today.*

It is not my sole mission in life to please Adorable Boyfriend, (If it were I would take my wet shoes off when I come through the front door before walking on the wood floors and I’d make sure to close the cupboard door in the bathroom after rifling through the shelves.) but I am willing to use the vying of his attentions as a source of inspiration.  That being mutually understood, the idea for the May Dress comes from one of A.B.’s favorite things.

That’s right, Trader Joe's apparently addictive chocolate covered sunflower seeds are my creative muse for May.  Just look at that color! 

And if Potentially-Deplorable Boyfriend doesn't like it, there will be lots and lots of the poofiest skirts ever worn in my future.  And they'll be perfect for square dancing.

*NOTE:  When other girls were wearing stirrup leggings, colored tapered jeans, flannel shirts, baby doll dresses, and Keds the first time around, all I wanted were little 1960s shift dresses.  My mom was like “Ug.  That’s what I had to wear when I was your age.  Knees are ugly.”  She wanted Victorian bustles and taffeta.  Malcontentment is our true fashion, it seems.