Look! Up in the air! It's a bird! No, wait. it's a plane! Nooo...it's a flying dress? Wait, no...it's a slip! That's it, a cute slip on a clothesline! A bright orange silk slip trimmed with lovely purple lace and brocade. Let it peek out under a little black dress, or keep the colorful fun all to yourself. You choose the length. No pockets on this one, but comes complete with built in Whoopi Cushion. (Not really...April fools!)

Photos by Eliza Sohn.
A Double Dress Extravaganza in honor of our first birthday! Both dresses are made with raw silk, lined in matching satin, and zip up the side. And they come with side pockets!

The Liz Dress is in luscious dark green with a shorter and fuller skirt and adorable puffed sleeves. The Kirsten Dress is in her grandmother's favorite shade of blue, and has a straight skirt and simple sleeves and neckline. Each pairs nicely with vintage glass, balloon bouquets, and giant cupcakes.

Photos by Eliza Sohn. Styling by Wallflowers Salon.