Hello there, signature party dress. You're just in time. 

Jess is perfectly dressed for winter holidays, spring brunches, weddings, birthdays, you name it. If you have something to celebrate--or you just want to be the hostess with the mostess--this is your go-to dress. Two shades of purple organza layered over a taffeta base. Fitted through bodice and waist with full skirt. Zips up the back. All tied off with a festive matching bow (and a mini bow for your hair, too!). 

Photos by Sara Gray Photography. Styling by Wallflowers Salon.
Check out Jess's craft blog for some creative party inspirations!

Look! Up in the air! It's a bird! No, wait. it's a plane! Nooo...it's a flying dress? Wait, no...it's a slip! That's it, a cute slip on a clothesline! A bright orange silk slip trimmed with lovely purple lace and brocade. Let it peek out under a little black dress, or keep the colorful fun all to yourself. You choose the length. No pockets on this one, but comes complete with built in Whoopi Cushion. (Not really...April fools!)

Photos by Eliza Sohn.
Ready or not, Fall is here and holidays are coming. Our survival strategy? Seize every opportunity to get dressed up! This dress is your perfect weapon against gray skies and humbug attitudes. And we suspect the deep purple will offset your favorite jewelry quite nicely. Wool shell, fully lined. Fitted with cute darts. Matching ribbon belt can be removed for a more casual, basic look.

Styling by Wallflowers Salon.