Hello there, signature party dress. You're just in time. 

Jess is perfectly dressed for winter holidays, spring brunches, weddings, birthdays, you name it. If you have something to celebrate--or you just want to be the hostess with the mostess--this is your go-to dress. Two shades of purple organza layered over a taffeta base. Fitted through bodice and waist with full skirt. Zips up the back. All tied off with a festive matching bow (and a mini bow for your hair, too!). 

Photos by Sara Gray Photography. Styling by Wallflowers Salon.
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Oh, let the sunshine in! And mix in some polka dots, because summer is on its way. This dress is built for dancing, twirling, biking, lounging, and simply bringing joy to all passersby. Full skirt, fitted in the top (but not too much), with cute pleating cinched around the waist. Secret bodice lining in a mystery contrasting print—kapow! 100% cotton and zips up the back.

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Photos by Sara Gray Photography. Styling by Wallflowers Salon. They do weddings!
*Special Holiday Edition!*

Wrapped in shantung silk and tied with a velvet bow, this is the ultimate winter party dress. A deep olive skirt with creamy top and dark forest green sash are festive yet neutral. Zips up the side. Cocktails, sleigh ride, you name it—this dress makes any day a holiday.  

Photos by Eliza Sohn. Styling by Wallflowers Salon.